~Downtown Bangor~

The food, the shop, the beautiful view. It’s hard to tell my favorite thing about Downtown Bangor. It’s most definitely my favorite place in the state of Maine. It’s a comfortable area. There are activities from art museums to seeing a musical. Downtown Bangor keeps you entertained and fulfilled 24/7.

The food in downtown Bangor is certainly one of the unique characteristics that makes downtown Bangor one of my personal favorite places. There is a very broad ethnic variety. Bangor has foods from Indian to Vietnamese foods and a lot in between. ~1e…Mainer’s don’t usually eat food from around the globe so downtown Bangor gives us

a good opportunity to expand our interest in different types and flavors of food. My personal favorite is a restaurant called The Taste of India. I would eat there everyday if it were my choice! Just like anything else in Downtown Bangor, the food is above and also beyond.


The scenery in downtown Bangor in absolutely stunning. There are parks with statues and tree’s for you to look at while your walking. You have a great view of the Penobscot river, which flows under bridges. And the buildings have, what I would call, a


European feel. In the fall the foliage enlightens the whole town with an orange color. In the winter near Christmas time, they decorate the lamppost’s with wreaths and lights. They even decorate a giant tree with beaming Christmas lights. In the summertime they will have what’s called the “Folk Festival” where they have bands perform and different types of activities. In the winter they have the “Festival of Lights” when they light up the whole town. And don’t forget the Bangor Fair! A good activity in the summer if you want to ride on fun rides and eat delicious food that may not be the healthiest!


The activities in Bangor definitely will keep you pleased and satisfied for however long you will be there. They have art walks in the summertime when you can walk about and soak up some vitamin D. You can watch upbeat musicals to keep you entertained. The children’s museum is a perfect way to get the little ones to burn off some extra energy. You can go shopping, taste test foods and so much more!


Downtown Bangor is one of my favorite places. It’s the only city close to home. From all the fun activities, to the shops and musicals Downtown Bangor really does have it all!



Justin Brown, Grade 8

Hancock Grammar School

Hancock, Maine

Mrs. Leighton