Kate Whitney

Kate Whitney

Grade 8              Rose M. Gaffney School              Mrs. Shaw



Maine is nicknamed “vacationland” because it is a beautiful tourist destination. All seasons in Maine each have their own special quality and fun activities that take place. My personal favorite season in Maine is fall. Maine, during the fall season, is one of the must be places. The beautiful fall foliage is a huge tourist attraction. The changing of the seasons causes the leaves to change colors and fall off the trees to the ground is stun ning, the mixtures of different color leaves cover the ground. Colors like, red, yellow,orange, brown, with some green leaves still mixed in. The fall foliage creates colorful hiking trails on mountains all across the state, and once you get to the top of a mountain you are speechless of the magnificent scenery. Bar Harbor, Maine, is one of the best

places to go for autumn foliage, the mountains and trails to hike are endless. The trails

going up mountains and woods show you the beautiful secrets the forests in Maine hold, the wild life, the trees, and the scenery, all around you can be breath taking. As autumn in Maine approaches, Mainers head up to their camps to get in the last weekend before closing them up for the winter.


The fun in Maine at the fall season is endless! There are activities almost anywhere in the state, in schools, and out. Many farmers open to the public so they are

able to pick apples, and pumpkins. Some even have hayrides to get to the apples and pumpkins or just for fun! Corn mazes are another thing some farmers will create so the public can weave them selves in and back out of the giant creations the farmers come up with. The fall season excites children everywhere because October 31, Halloween comes quickly. Mainers don’t have it easy though, we put up with the cold, harsh weather, and sometimes snow to go out and collect the candy while dressing up with friends having fun. I have personally done many of these things, my family and I do a lot of things in the fall, like going to farms open to the public and picking apples, seeing all the rows of trees full of the fresh apples ready to be picked, while the brisk air blows against us as we make our way through the rows, and rows of apples picking the best of the best. I also love the hikes up mountains, seeing the exquisite view at the top and the quick peeks through the trees on the way up, and the land formation of the mountains and how the rocks have been placed the you climb up to make your way to the top.


The great outdoors in Maine has unlimited promises. One outdoor activity that many Mainers love and enjoy doing is hunting. Fall also has another name other than autumn in Maine, its also known as hunting season. The fall hunting season is for a variety of animals such as, deer, birds, and so on. Although if you don’t like hunting there is plenty of wildlife for you to see while not carrying a gun. Deer, and many other animals are wandering about finding food. Four wheeling is a popular thing among Mainers, you can get outside with plenty of fresh air, while getting to cruise through beautiful sights. School’s across the state offer many sports during the fall season like, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, cross country, and others. The state of Maine provides everything for attracting tourists with the gorgeous views, and scenery. I believe this is why Maine is called “Vacationland”.