Kathleen Vickery

My Favorite Subject

Kathleen Vickery

4th Grade Mrs. Duron

All Saints Catholic School

Bangor, ME



I love science because I like my teacher, the experiments and how fun it is. The teacher’s name is Mrs. Duron. She is very kind, and she likes us. Mrs. Duron makes school work fun.


I like the experiments too! There is so many different things we can do. We learn from what we do wrong and what we do right. There are explosions too! We get to read from our books how to do the experiments. We grew mold, we kept a pumpkin for a long time, we put lard on our hands like a polar bear and used chopsticks like a bird’s beak.


It is also fun. We get to work as a team or sometimes with a buddy. We get to do things that you we would never do at school. That is why I like SCIENCE!

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