Katie Swanson

Katie Swanson




8 Grade

Bangor Christian Schools




Mrs. Ramirez



My Favorite Place in Maine


There are many beautiful places in Maine. The places all range from things like blueberries in Cherryfield, potatoes in Aroostook, and beaches in Bar Harbor. My favorite place, however, would be Baxter State Park. Baxter is located in Katahdin, ME. This Park is all woods. It is a great place to hike. You can spend so much time in silence and just enjoy the outdoors. This park is where Mt. Katahdin is located. Mt. Katahdin is Maine’s largest mountain.


Baxter State Park is a natural and environmentally friendly place. There are no stores, hotels, or restaurants nearby. Baxter is an all natural place to hike and enjoy the nature that we still have. There are only small buildings that are logged cabins with only fire places. There is no gas or electricity. One of the many things you can do there is hike to the top of the mountain or just go camping. Also you can visit Chimney Pond or Roaring Brook. These are both very beautiful places to visit and see. There are many little rivers going down the mountain that are also very pretty and you can get fresh water from there to drink.


There are many new things you probably are not used to when you go hiking. First at night you have to hang up your food on a line so no bears come to attack you and your family when you are sleeping in a lean to. That is another thing that is not your normal living conditions is sleeping in a lean to. A lean to is a three sided house that has a floor and a roof. While you are there, you cook your food over a fire. There is no running water, so you clean your dishes with any water you can find. This is the way to experience true camping.


This place is already so popular because of the sites and the hiking. When you want to go hiking or camping for more than one day, you have to make a reservation a couple of months before your trip. Nevertheless all the planning and hiking are really worth the efforts. The sites are extraordinary!


The reason why I enjoy this place so much is because it is a quiet place to relax and enjoy nature. You get to see and enjoy all the natural animals that live there including moose, squirrels, and other animals. This is a great place to go camping and hiking in Maine and that is why I choose it. Baxter State Park is my favorite place in Maine.