Kelsey J.

Kelsey J.

Hancock Grammar School, 8th Grade

Mrs. Leighton

Bah Hah-Bah & Cadillac Mountain

One of the greatest vacation places in Maine? Bar Harbor and Cadillac Mountain. They’re fairly close together, not a long drive from one place to another. Despite the summer traffic, it’s really worth it to get to the top of the mountain, visit the pier, and the wonderful food there is to offer. Oh, and if you have no place to stay and you want to come over, my grandparents have a cabin you may want to rent. It’s in Southwest Harbor, near Echo Lake, and you might want to take a swim down there to. They own a dock there, or you can go down to the Vista.

Usually after work and school, dad would take me down to Cadillac Mountain when I was little. He had a motorcycle, and once we got up to the top, I’d run around and play and then we’d both watch the sunset. About a year or so ago, I watched the fireworks with my family from the top of Cadillac. The air was cool and nice, it wasn’t too cloudy and the sight was breathtaking! Cadillac is also ideal for hiking. There are trails you can walk on, just as long as you don’t disturb any of the animals! Believe it or not, the whole park has a lot of things you should see. You’ll see gorgeous views on the peak of mountains. You can feel the cool water in the summertime at Sandy Beach. There are just a lot of other things you could have the time of your life at.

After the sun would set, my dad and I or my whole family would drive around Bar Harbor. There are streets you could walk around in the summertime, a park, and a pier where you can watch ferries take off or go on a whale watching trip. But, during the nighttime in Bar Harbor, the city has amazing lights, and so do the ferries. They can twinkle here and there, but still work. Restaurants there are also a great thing to visit. My favorite place to go is Rosalie’s. They have great, hand tossed pizza, and very good spaghetti! The place smells like pasta, and pizza sauce. Its almost like an intoxicating smell, and the service is exceptional. Then again I’m not saying you should go to Rosalie’s, because that’s just me. Bar Harbor also has naturally fresh made chocolate. Bar Harbor just has amazing food in general!

Even Obama visited Bar Harbor and Cadillac Mountain! What does that say? So many friendly people are there, and so many great places to visit. So take my advice, you won’t be disappointed.