Kennedy Buzzeo


Kennedy Buzzeo

Southside School


Mrs Carmichael





Imagine your drawing with a dark black stick. Hi, my name is Kennedy .Last week in art class Mr. Sullivan showed us how to draw with charcoal. He showed us one step, and it was never to put your hands on the paper when you were drawing on because you will smear



Another thing I like about art Is I love creativity .~I have gone from writing on walls to drawing beautiful landscapes, animals, and even buildings. The other thing I like about art is I like bright,bold,and colorful things . I like color. I believe that if you add color you add beauty; that’s always what I say to myself when I am drawing. I love color because it is what you should add to every picture. Also, I like the teachers we have Mrs. Bartlett and sometimes Mr. Sullivan.



We have created lots of project In art. We made Indian corn on the cobs. We used construction paper on the back ,twirled the ends, and glued small pieces of tissue paper on it. Another project we did was we had a blank piece of paper and we had to keep our hand on the paper and draw a picture.

Things we do in art are we make projects for the seasons. For example, we made Indian corn on the cob in August. Art is one of my favorite things to do. Art is all around us get INSPIRED!!!