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Maine is vacationland because of it’s beautiful scenery. Basically everywhere you look there is either water~, a forest, or some form of wildlife. Many tourists come to Maine just to try the Maine lobstei look out at the beautiful water, and much more. Most places that are basically just a city of tall buildings, don’t have that.


My favorite place in Maine is right here, where I live in Cutler. Yes, there are like, no stores jus:t one little gas station, we call it the Base, and there isn’t much in it. But, the scenery, and wildlife here are amazing. My favorite spot to go is this beach you come across when walking the Bold Coast Trails. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a beach, more like these huge rocks overlooking the water. I have only been there a few times, but it is amazing. You sit down on the rocks and watch the waves crash, spraying little droplets of water on your face. I love watching the waves on a stormy day anyway, so this just makes it more beautiful to look at. The best time of day to go there is when the sun is just setting over the water. The clouds having that pink cotton candy look to them, and the sky ~that orangy-red color. The water has a dark blue-green look to it. It looks like it came from a painting. It looks like something Vangou would paint. It is just so pretty.


I also just love walking the roads of Cutler. Some of the buildings are newer and some of them have been there since I was born.. .maybe even longer. Cutler isn’t the biggest town around, but since it is small everybody knows everybody. You always know what’s going on, and everyone is friendly and nice. What I see every morning when I walk down my driveway, is the beautiful Cutler Harbor. The boats floating around some there some out fishing for lobsters. The thing about the harbor is that it looks pretty even on a foggy or rainy day. (Well to me anyway) When I look to my left I see, a little ways down the road, past the church, the town bell. It is raised up and outlined by stones. There are stone steps that lead up to it. And, in the center is a huge bFass bell. I suppose you could call this area, the “town circle,” because on the 4th of July this is where we gather when somebody sings the National Anthem.


There are so many things to së~n Cutler. Not like a water park or anything, just beauty. I don’t think I would change a thing about Cutler. Not at all.