Kerrigan Smith


My Favorite Subject

by Kerrigan Smith

4th Grade – Mrs. Duron

All Saints Catholic School

166 State St.

Bangor, Maine



I like P.E. because we play games,we don’t have to sit still,and we can relax and lay back.We play games like Everybodys It You have to try not to get tagged and you have three lives.We also play Cooperation hand ball.You have to pass the ball and get it passed the goalie.We even play Castle ball.You try to knock down the other teams castle.We play Silent ball,too.You pass the ball and don’t drop it you will have to do jumping jacks.


I also like P.E. because we don’t have to sit still.We aren’t reading a book,or sitting at a desk.We are able to fidget and run around.We are also not doing any school work.


I also like it because we can relax and lay back.We are moving around.We don’t have to stress.We also get to do laps to get out the stress out.We aren’t under pressure like, “Don’t do this .Don’t forget to do that.”

This is why I like gym.

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