Kira!8N Hancock Grammar School! Hancock Mrs. Jacquie Leighton




You arrive in Maine, you have no clue what to do. You drive to this dirt road.

It’s slightly bumpy and beautiful with the pretty leaves of fall or whatever season you came. You see a vast water land and your eyes grow wide you grin wildly, you know this place.


The ocean at Hancock Point in Maine is a vast land of water with rippling waves and crying gulls. At the ocean you hear the waves crash to the shore with a almost thunder-like roar, while foamy spray settles on the sand. If you are there during the afternoon, you will most likely hear squeals of children in the cold blueish grey water. You close your eyes and take a deep breath and smell the salty

sea air, and lobsters being hauled in. You open your eyes and squint away from the

sun’s glare, you see fishermen, seagulls and, of course, the ocean. You feel the wind and the sun and the sand beneath your feet. You strip off your shirt and pants and jump in with your swimsuit on. You seem to float on the water and taste the salty sea. You feel rocks and pebbles under your feet and little sea creatures under your toes. The sea weed wraps around your legs and tickle your toes. You dive under the water and feel the barnacles and shells with your hands.


I personally love the sea. I once walked down the shore with my bare feet, seaweed wrapped around my legs and the sea tried to drag me in. I tell ya that was an awesome feeling. You should try it too, I recommend it! I also recommend climbing on a huge rock and gaze out on the sea, I’ve done it.



There is no place in the world like Hancock Point. When you go there you’ll see what I mean. Bring a bucket or a pail or something like that because at the sea is

like a whole land of treasures! Shells, crab exoskeletons, sea glass, cool rocks andsand dollars. You should take the time to admire the wildlife too. Crabs, clams, seagulls, lobsters, crayfish, jellyfish, barnacles, fish, and plenty of others!

Some other things you can do are to paint the ocean. You can write poetry or a song about the ocean. You can have a picnic and watch the sunset. Go Tanning,



Kira/8N Hancock Grammar School! Hancock Mrs. Jacquie Leighton


chatting and swimming. You can take beautiful pictures too, of the sea rising and falling and crashing down.



But the stuff you should be sure to bring a;






Flip flops

Extra pair of clothes



boes the sea sound ideal to you? Perfect and beautiful? With the quiet sea and the screaminggulls flying above. With the gorgeous sunset reflecting off the water, and the same with the sun rising. So what do you think? bo you want to 90 to the sea? The ocean? ~I think it’s personally better than going tourist shopping for knick knacks. You can take beautiful pictures of Hancock Point too! There, are plenty beaches to choose from but Hancock Point is the best of them all. You can’t experience this anywhere around Maine, I hope you enjoy your stay in Maine.