Kristian Baber

Kristian Baber

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney




Moose Country – Cross Lake


Where in Maine might be the best place to go swimming, fishing, and see a magnificent moose? No, it is not Camden or Bar Harbor, it is Cross Lake, located in northern Maine between Caribou and Fort Kent. it is my favorite place for the reasons mentioned above and for many more. Maybe it is a spot many people have never heard of, but in my opinion, it is THE place to be in Maine. Cross Lake is not just another lake; it is where my heart longs to be, for it is the most exquisite place in Maine.




Cross Lake has many opportunities to offer its visitors, but my favorite is the fishing. Not only are there the regular Maine fish like pikes, but I have caught a cathsh on a trip with my dad while bobber fishing. if you don’t want to go bobber fishing, but instead would like to fish with real worm’s, St. Peter’s store can “hook you up.” If you don’t have a camp or a boat you won’t have to worry, there is a public boat landing and dock with lovely views, one of which is this area’s signature sunsets. If you are a true fisherman you absolutely MUST go to Cross Lake so you can say you have experienced the best fishing ever.




Not only is there fishing at Cross Lake, but they have excellent water for swimming. While swimming, you may experience a few unusual things that don’t occur



every day. You might come across some ducks on the lake, but they won’t come too close. However, it is spectacular to see them paddling by while you are swimming. My favorite time to go swimming at Cross Lake is when the waves are very bumpy from the wind. When they are bumpy it feels like you are the amusement park on a simulation ride.




The best part of being in Cross Lake is the opportunity to see a moose or two. No matter if you are on the way to the boat dock, on the main road, or on the strip to Long Lake, you can spot a moose any time of the day. Once, while my family was traveling to Cross Lake, we saw the most beautiful and enormous moose. If you don’t get to see a moose at Cross Lake, well then, you must be jinxed.




Now, do you still think Bar Harbor or Camden might be the best place in Maine? I hope I’ve convinced you that Cross Lake is the best and most exceptionally beautiful place in Maine. If you aren’t convinced yet, then make plans to visit Cross Lake soon. You will find it is most definitely worth the drive and the time to get to one of Maine’s spectacularly special spots.