Lakiesha Frye

Lakiesha Frye

Grade 3

Peninsula School

Prospect Harbor

Susan Tenan



My Favorite Subject


My favorite subject is reading. I think reading is amazing to do when I have extra time. I think reading is a good thing to do because I can learn a lot about math, science, and social studies.


I think if I read a book I should find what the book is trying to teach me or what the meaning is. What I find could touch my heart while other books may put a smile on my face. I think reading can sometimes be exciting, but also relaxing.


I like reading because I can read non-fiction books or fiction books. My favorite type of book to read is non-fiction. I can learn a lot more from these books than I can fiction. I think books can make me happy when I’m sad.


I can read anything I want to read. I like reading because I can read about animals, people, and places. My favorite book to read is Little House In the Big Woods.


As you can see there are many reasons why my favorite subject is reading.