My favorite subject in school is physical education because it helps me with my sports stamina.

These are some very interesting facts about why I like physical education the best.You get good exercise and get your heart pumping by running laps around the gym, practicing basketball, and doing a pacer test for a school record. A pacer test is when you run back and forth across the gym and see how many laps you get.

Another reason why I love gym is that it helps with your sports skills by practicing your basketball dribbles, playing capture the chicken, and most of all knock­out. Mr. King, our gym teacher, teaches us things that go along with the sports we are doing. Like Mr. King taught me how to use my writing hand to guide the back hand to push the ball up to the basket. I use it in basketball games every time I shoot.

I am a huge fan of physical education because when you do activities you can practice with a partner to help you with your passing. Every time I go to the gym my eyes gleam up because I am anxious to have fun and get more practice.

One memory about gym that I will cherish is about a game called capture the chicken. What you have to do is put equal teams on both sides of the gym and your whole team has to think of a plan that could help you capture the chicken. If you get the chicken and you can’t bring it back to your side, you have to try and throw it to one of your teammates.

Another game that I like is called knock-out. What you have to do is every person has a field hockey stick. When you have your stick, people will try and hit your ball out of the area that you are supposed to be in. You keep going until there is only one person left.

Have you ever heard of the game called tunnel ball? Well, it is a very fun game. What you have to do is have two equal teams, and then the person in the front of the line has the ball. They roll the ball between each person’s legs and the person in the back has to catch it, dribble it up to the hoop, and shoot. When your whole team gets through the line, then you add up your scores and see who wins. It is all about communication.

Next, another reason why physical education is the best is you get to pace yourself at your skill level so you’re not going too fast or too slow. My favorite thing about gym is that you learn everything about sports, so people that don’t know how to play sports can learn how to.

Finally, there is no doubt that anything is better than physical education!!! ! ! !! ! ! !!!!