Lauren Van Dine

Lauren Van Dine

8th grade

Bangor Christian


Mrs. Ramirez



Maine is a very beautiful place, and a very cold place too. But Maine is not that bad because that’s where I live. Everyone knows that Maine is called vacationiand and that there are a lot of beautiful places in it, such as mountains,parks, beaches, amusement parks, camps, and a lot more. Lets talk about what my favorite place in Maine is!


My favorite place in Maine is the city of Freeport. It’s a very fun place to go if you like shopping, because it has many outlet shops. When I go to Freeport, I usually go to the L,L.Bean stores because they have a lot of coolstuff, or I go to a pizza place and buy food; my family likes going to places were there is home tuff like furniture. Mysister and I like to go to the Gap, which is a clothing store. When we go there, we take our uncle with us and start trying on clothes; after we find items that we like, we make him buy itfor us, which he sometimes does. I have a pretty big family and we all pretty much love going shopping for clothes, so it’s pretty clear that we all love going to Freeport. My brother likes to go to Game Stop, but there isn’t a Game Stopin Freeport, so he doesn’t come with us, at least not always. He only goes with my uncle when they go shoppingfor school supplies, and they usually have a lot of fun together.


One day my sister arid I drove down to Freeport and went to L.L.Bean. We brought shirts, shoes, bags, andskirts; we were like twins. My sister and I get along pretty well, and we like to wear matching outfits, so when 1 go to Freeport, I really shop a lot with my sister and that’s really basically why we love Freeport. She and I are theones that always want to go to Freeport, because we love shopping.



Freeport is the best shopping place that we have ever been to, well at least that’s what I think. My aunt and uncle would really prefer to go to Boston and go to Ikea because of their home furniture and all those things, and I think because they would not have to buy clothes for us at Ikea. We always tell them that Freeport is better. We say that because we don’t have houses yet, and we would rather have clothes then to go buy home furnishings at Ikea. We love going shopping in Freeport; it’s enjoyable to my sister and me. Now you know what my sister and I like to do when we have nothing to do. Freeport is very a amusing place for us.