Leah Remick

Leah Remick


7th Grade


Ellsworth Elementary Middle School




Ms. L.J. Mattila


Beautiful Maine


Maine: the “Vacationland,” beautiful, unique, historic. Millinocket is filled with seventeen million acres of forest and six thousand lakes and ponds. One lake happens to catch my eye as the most beautiful place in Maine, and it is Ambajejus Lake


in Millinocket. Ambajejus Lake houses lots of fish and is home to a wide variety of fun water related activities. Those fun activities include kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, fishing, plain old swimming, and much, much more. Ambajejus Lake is an amazing place to be any time of the year. In the winter you can snowmobile and do other fun things.


Like most lakes in Maine, Ambajejus Lake has many camps along its shore and on various islands that pop up out of the water. Some people may say that Ambajejus is just a plain old lake, but to me and my family, the lake is much more than that. The lake is home to our amazing camp that has held fun and up- beat memories.


Ambajejus Lake is a lake that has helped many business thrive such as the sea plane ride business called “Katahdin Air Service.” Also, the little store across the Golden Road called Northwoods Trading Post. These are some fabulous businesses out on one part of Millinocket. Others may say that these businesses could just find some other



place to be, but in reality, Ambajejus Lake is their home and nobody needs to change that.


Ambajejus is full of great spirits, and it is certainly a pleasure to be able to say that it is in our ‘Beautiful Maine’. Others may have to disagree saying that Ambajejus Lake is not a calm environment, but if those people would just stop by, I am sure that the lake could change their minds.


Ambajejus Lake might seem like a little lake, but in fact, businesses rely on this great body of water and nothing will ever change that. Some people don’t understand the peace and joy that Millinockett brings to people, but nobody should try to change anything about this beautiful wonder.