Lexi Crouse

Lexi Crouse

Southside School Grade 4

Houlton, ME



Mrs. Carmichael




Come on we all like writing somewhere deep down inside of us! You might not know it yet, but you probably love writing. I do, I just love writing!

Writing is a very quiet and peaceful time in my Class. If you like writing about crazy frogs named Finiece, silly banana families and funny birds who like to eat worms, then you should start writing. It’s a wonderful hobby and an excellent school subject. I love writing when I get to write about any topic because I get to be creative.

I write tons of little stories. For example, I wrote this crazy story about a family of bananas who all have super powers, such as banana baby he has the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes. Oh and of course, how could I forget to mention banana boy his ability to have really stinky farts.

Another time, I wrote “The Three Worms and the Big Fat Juicy Bird.” This book I wrote is about three little worms named Bob, Dan, and Baby Susana. Who went for a stroll one day when this big fat bird swooped down and tried to eat them except in the end they arrived home safely.

In conclusion, creative writing is the passion that I and millions of people share. I want to take my passion to collaborate with future authors as an illustrator. As you can clearly see I positively, absolutely love writing.