Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson



Seventh Grade


Bangor Christian Schools


Tiffany Dever









Thunderhole might not sound like such a pleasent place but once it is explained to you it will seem like the most amazing place in the world.You probably think it is a deep dark hole that makes the sound of thunder everytime there movement, right? Wrong. Thunderhole is called thunderhole because it is like an open tunnle fulil of rocks, connecting to the ocean, and whenever the tide comes into the tunnle, it hits agianst big,medium, and small rocks. When it hits agianst the rocks it makes either loud or soft noises. Thunderhole is located in Acaidia National Park. Acadia National Park has a lot of other sights to see and things to do too. Perhaps if you like to hike you could take an adventure and hike on Cadillac Mountian. You could also go to Jordan Pond to take a hike. And the best part is you could go to the Jordan Pond House resturaunt after! One of my favorite places at Acadia is Scudic point though. Scudic point is gorgeous place to visit. It is high above the ocean withover thousands of rocks. You can stand upon the rocks and watch the waves crash up agianst lower rocks. But I







think that thunderhole is the best place to visit in maine. It will cater to all ages and keep you fascinated. You will not be disapointed when you go here. You can be entertained as long as you wish! And the best part is your right over the rocks. Without a doubt you will have a wonderful adventure at thunderhole. The most fascinating place in Maine.