Maddie Grant

Maddie Grant

Southside School Grade 4

Houlton, Maine

Mrs. Carmichael



Imagine, you love music so much you think about it every day and it’s on your mind 24/7. My favorite school subject is music because we do a lot of cool things like learning the recorder, singing new songs every week, hanging out with my favorite teacher Mrs. Walker and our student teacher Mrs. Parley.


The reason music is my favorite subject is because I love to sing. Also Mrs. Walker doesn’t pick hard songs or easy songs, she picks just right songs. In addition, Mrs. Walker picks cool warm up songs like “Phineus” and “Bottle of Pop”.


On the other hand, we get to play an instrument called the recorder. Also the songs on the recorder are just like the songs we sing, just right. I like two songs on the recorder and they are” Hot Cross Buns” and “French Folk Song.”Also there is one song that is difficult and it is called” Ode to Joy.”


Also, she gives use some challenges once a week. Most of the challenges are in some songs like “Jonah” because there are rounds in the song.


On to my teacher Mrs. Walker, she is the BEST because she is so kind and has a friendly personality . The way I see it is she is very determined to help us succeed in music.


Lastly, Mrs. Parley also has a BIG personality like cOol, sweet and awesome. Also, she is determined to help use to succeed in music like Mrs. Walker.


Those are the reasons I LOVE Music,