Maddy Nason

Maddy Nason

Grade 8

Bangor Christian schools


Mrs. Ramirez





Having lived my entire life in Maine, I have come to really admire everything that Maine has to offer. There are lots of different things to do for all different types of people. Maine is known as vacationland because it attracts vacationers. There are so many things to do in Maine; it’s such a beautiful place. I’d like to tell you about a couple of those places.


One of the places I would suggest to go is Baxter State Park. Baxter State Park is a beautiful place. Baxter State Park is a great place to experience the natural beauty of Maine. Baxter State Park is handicap accessible. There are camping spots and wonderful family vacationing areas. Mt. Katahdin is located in Baxter State Park. There are also 40 different peaks and ridges besides Mt. Katahdin to climb and spend your dayon. There are over 215 miles of hiking trails for those who love to hike. You can also hunt, fish, or even just drive the road in Baxter State Park. Baxter State Park is a beautiful place to go and is an enjoyable thing for kids and adults to do while in Maine.


Portland would be another place I would suggest to go. Portland is a busy city with lots to do. Portland is full of cultural events and history. You also could take the Casco Bay Ferry located on the pier in the Old Port over to Peaks Island for a bike ride or to get a bite to eat just off the dock. Another option an artist or an aspiringartist might enjoy is the Portland Art Museum. It doesn’t cost much and has



beautiful paintings and drawings that could inspire them. Something your children might enjoy is the children’s museum, in downtown Portland. The children’s museum gives both education and fun. If you just want to relax Portland is also a nice place for just taking a slow walk around the sidewalks of Portland.


Maine is a beautiful, and relaxing place to spend time by yourself or with family. Both of these places named are both enjoyable and relaxing. Maine is also a good place if you want good weather. In Maine during the fall you’re neither hot nor cold. Maine’s beautiful sites will awe you. And you will want to come back and visit us again. There are so many more places to go and things to do. The ones named are only a couple of the many places to go.