Madison Astle

Madison Astle

Grade 4

Asa Adams School


Mrs. Tuttle






Reading is my favorite subject because when I start I can’t stop. For example, I went to Books A Million also known as BAM. I went to go look for a good book. Then I saw the Percy Jackson books. I got one and started to read to see if I liked it. My aunt asked me if I wanted to get it and I said yes. So when I went to bed at seven I started to read. My aunt goes to bed at eleven and she told me to go to sleep. If my flashlight was working, I would have read under the covers.

All books are different because all writers are different. Like Percy Jackson is different from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. –

All books are creative. All writers are creative because all writers are different. Like Harry Potter is about witch craft and Percy -Jackson is about Greek Mythology.

I think that the Percy Jackson books h~ye,~hanged me a little because before I didn’t read as much and now I read a lot more.