Martha King

Martha King

Southside School

Houlton, ME

Mrs. Carmichael


Hello, my name is Martha. I’m in fourth grade at Houlton Southside School. I’m going to tell you about my favorite subject.


My favorite subject is gym. Gym is so much fun! Gym is my favorite subject because we get to play many sports. I will name some of them: floor hockey, soccer, dodge ball, kickball, and basketball my favorite.


My favorite sports are dodge ball, kickball, and basketball. My first favorite is basketball because we’ve played it once. I wish to play it again, but back to why I like

it.  I’m tall so I can score baskets very easily. My second favorite is dodge ball because I’m very good at catching the ball, and I can get other people out. My last favorite is kickball because I can kick high or low, depending on my mood.


This is more details about why I like basketball: I’m more than five foot one so I can rebound and shoot back up very easily. We’ve played a game called knockout and you play until one person is left; I usually am one of the last two. I hope we can play that again.


This is why I like gym, and I hope you enjoyed it!