Matthew Thibeault

Matthew Thibeault

7 grade

Hichbom Middle School

Howland Maine

Mrs. Jipson



Bar Harbor



My favorite place in Maine is Bar Harbor because of the beaches. I love the way the sand feels between my toes. It’s usually soft and white but sometimes it’s rocky and full of barnacles, but don’t let that stop you from going there. Usually I just walk around them. I also like the way the waves come in. If you have a chance, I would stop at a store and pick up a boogie board. Also while you’re there, pick up some food for a picnic you could have later.



That brings me to another thing I like about Bar Harbor, the picnic areas. There are tons and tons of places to have picnics. My favorite spots are the soft grassy shady spots. Usually my mom and grandma lay down a big blanket for us to sit on. We usually have watermelon, bananas, apples, and things like that. I don’t eat much, usually I watch the boats. Bar Harbor has lots of boats like lobster boats, whale watching boats, and tour boats.



I have never been on a whale watching boat before, but my brothers have. They said it was fun and they actually got to see a whale. They said they loved it. I’ve always wanted to, but I get sea sick. My family has never been on a tour boat, but people say its great. The most popular boats are the lobster boats. When you look out, you can see the hundreds of traps they put out to catch them.



Which brings me to another thing, the food. Bar Harbor has lots of places that sell seafood. Mostly lobster, but it has other seafood like clam, shrimp, and squid. It’s these things that make Bar Harbor my favorite place in Maine. If you have a chance, I would check it out.