Megan Preston

Megan Preston

Grade 4

Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School

Machias, Maine

Mrs. Singh


What Is Your Favorite Subject in School?


I’m writing about social studies because it’s my favorite subject in school. It’s really fun! I also chose social studies because I can learn about 9-il, my state, my town, my country, my community, and history. I really also like social studies because I like learning about history the most because I’m very interested in how wars started. I also like to learn aboout the flags because each flag is a symbol of their country. Sometimes I get to learn about different landmarks like Niagara Falls. I think it’s so much fun! I also like religions. I really like learning aboul religions because I get to learn about what people believe in, what their food is like, what they eat wit , and what they wear. I also like to learn about famous people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and much~, much more! I also like learning about presidents and how they became presidents and what their job is. I think everybody should like social studies. That’s my favorite subject in school. Hope you lilked it.