Michael Arthers

Michael Arthers


Mt. Jefferson Jr. High


Mrs. Albert


Family That’s All You Got




My house and my grandparent’s house is the best place I ever go. Just seeing them and spending time with my grandparents makes me so happy because I know that my grandfather’s old and he’s not going to live that much longer. So I spend as much time as I can with him. My grandfather’s my best friend I can ever have. So is my grandmother.


My grandfather and I do so much together like hunting and going for four wheeler rides all the time in the summer. We go to church every Sunday. I love visiting at my grandparent’s whenever I can. My grandfather teaches me about the different tools and old cars. My grandmother teaches me about the different types of flowers. I love my grandfather and grandmother so much that I know that when they pass away that they’re going to be in a good place. I will always keep them in my heart.