Michael Kazmierczak

Michael Kazmierczak

Grade 4

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School


Mrs. R. Brown




Pheaeah!!!! Oh I hate the sound of that whistle, the sound of recess coming to an end. I walk over and get in line. “Alright it will be Mrs. Twitchell’s class.” Mrs Kent the recesses duty teacher said. That’s the way we decide which class goes in first. “Next will be Ms. Gagnon’s class.” And after that


Mrs. Dale’s. We were last.


My favorite thing to do at recess is to play Kick ball. I kick homers a lot of the time. The thing that annoys me is when I kick the ball over the fence and someone behind the fence catches the ball. Let’s just say that 40 percent of my kicks get caught. When Kick ball isn’t an option I play basketball. I don’t think recess is long enough at only 20 minutes. Now let’s get back to where we left of…my least favorite part of Recess … The end.


One day Iater…lt’s Recess again “Wohooooooooooooooooo!” And after what seems like a couple minutes … Pheaeah! see what I mean?


Any way that’s a part of my life.