Mikhail Maksimov

Mikhail Maksimov

8th grade

Brooklin School

Brooklin, Maine

Ms. Rebecca Turner Ms. Halina Nawrot

Sand Beach

My favorite place in Maine is Sand Beach in Acadia Park. The beach is a big attraction in the park for tourists, and it is almost always crowded in the summer. When I visited Sand Beach for the first time, there was almost nowhere to park the car. There were hundreds of automobiles parked on the side of the road, all lined up in a seemingly endless chain. The nearest unoccupied parking space was a quarter of a mile away from the beach! When I got to the seaside, there was a profusion of people all around. Most people were sunbathing, some were swimming in the ocean, others were jumping over waves, and little kids were building sand castles. The weather was pleasant; the

sun was shining, and the sky was colored azure, with no clouds. I liked feeling the almost desert-like beach sand under my feet. I was also amazed to see the ocean in such great proportions that it stretched beyond the horizon. If I sailed in that direction, I would would eventually reach Europe, thousands of miles away. I enjoyed seeing the big blue waves, off in the distance, zooming toward me over the the ocean. Listening to the reverberating sounds of each wave plowing into the sand was a good way to relax for me.

I think that the ocean is a little cold for swimming up here in Maine, even in mid­summer. However, I decided to go into the water anyway. As I stepped in, I felt the small ripples rushing over my feet. As I walked in deeper, up to my knees, I began to have a hard time keeping my balance as the water tugged my feet back and forth, sweeping the sand from under my soles with the current. I decided to drag myself even deeper into the water. Now the water was up to my waist, and each wave started lifting me a little off the ground as it cruised by. As soon as water reached to my neck, I was being hoisted several feet off the bottom as waves passed. When the current started to pull me away from the shore, I began to feel a little insecure. I started to swim as quickly as possible, towards the beach. I came back to to my chair in the baking sand, as I was shivering from the chilly water. I felt tired and was ready to end my trip.

I admire Sand Beach in Acadia Park for its beauty and for all of the sensationsthat came with it. I think that Sand Beach, in July, looks and feels like paradise on Earth.