Molly LeBlanc

Molly LeBlanc


7th Grade




Hichborn Middle School


Howland Maine


Mrs. Jipson







In the car for 3 hours, finally seeing the water parks, like Funtown-Splashtown and Aquaboggin. Oh yes, I am in Maine, Saco, Maine. The place that I will never forget. “We are finally here,” I hear my mom say as I am gazing out the window at all the fun slides and rides that we as a family will be visiting the next day. Until then, we will be staying at my all time favorite campground, Silver Springs Campground. As we arrive we see all of our family’s trucks and campers hitched on the back. All of the kids hop out while the adults are checking in. We are all asking the same questions, “What should we go and do?”


The adults are finally done checking in. We kids get to go and bring back the great and pleasurable memories that we had from the times before on those great dirt paths. After we find our camping spot, do what ever we want to do. But the funnest times that my cousins Lexi , Lauren, my best friend, Tori and I have is in the “outdoor activity center” where there is a playground, basketball, wiffle ball, shuffle board, and my favorite of all is the pool. My favorite thing to do with Tori, is our fierce competition playing shuffle board. When we play, our motto is “Shuffle board, its not just for old people.” No matter what, I still win every game that we play. Aside from the shuffle board that we play, we also ride bikes. When we ride bikes we normally stay out riding on them for hours! That how much we love doing it, and hey, it gives us some exercise and its super fun! One of the times that we went, Tori and I left at lunch and didn’t come back until around dinner time! We stayed out riding to



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the AMAZING arcade, swimming, and playing on the park. Our parents don’t worry about us when we are gone, because the campground is so safe. One parent of the bunch that we go with occasionally comes and checks on us, though.


Another safe place is Funtown — Splashtown. On the one day that we go, we kids partner up with our age group, or the people that we hang out with. We go on a BUNCH of cool rides and wave pools in ‘Splashtown. But my all time favorite ride is the “TORNADO.” It is hard to go on though, because the line is as tall as the whole 5 flights of stairs. You start to feel the adrenalin when you get to about the 4th flight. I only go on it about 5 times because of the lines. But those 5 times are the best moments that I have in Splashtown. Then in Funtown the big hit ride for me is, the Dragons Descent! It is a 15 story drop! Saco is amazing!