Monica Conary

My Favorite Place


Monica Conary


8th grade


Bangor Christian School




Mrs. Ramirez





There are many places in Maine that are beautiful and fun to be at. There are hiking trails where you get to explore, shopping malls where you get to hang out with friends, camps where people can come together to make new memories and new friends, and a bunch of other cool places. But out of all of those places, the one thatcame to my mind first was Spring River Lake.


Spring River Lake is a fun and exciting place. It’s where I go to hang out with family and friends. Every summer starting in June, my family and I go down and start getting ready for camp; we put the docks out into the water, we put the boat out, we stock up on food, and we bring the tents down. There are all sorts of things to do atSpring River you can ride around on jet skis, visit people from across the lake, go tubing and tryreally hard not to fall off, stretch out on the dock and try to get a tan before someone pushes you off into the water, play war with squirt guns, eat out on the picnic bench and feed your vegetables to the dog underneath the table, and try to catch fireflies in your hands. But my most favorite part is having all my family huddle together at night and talk, crack jokes, play games, and watch thestars.


Even before you get down to the Lake, you see signs of nature: the big, towering trees that sometimes, if you look just right, have faces. Beautiful flowers



My Favorite Place


that you don’t get to see in the city, the chipmunks scampering around, the birds singing in the trees, and the faintest sign of deer tracks. Then when you finally do get down the twisty road, you see the lake. If the water is really clear, you can see the reflection of the trees and the mountain. In the morning when the fog is rolling in, you can see it drifting near the water. But one of my favorite sights is when it rains and you can see the rain drops on the water and then afterwards the rainbow. There’s also a mountain that you can hike up to though IPve never done it before. You can also see the American Flag on top of the mountain when you are in the boat.


There are many beautiful places in Maine, but the first one that came to my mind was Spring River Lake. Spring River is my favorite place to be in Maine; I couldn’t think of a summer without it!





By:              Monica Conary