Nicholas Bagley

Nicholas Bagley 8th


Hancock Grammar school


Hancock Maine


Mrs Leighton



Vacation land is nickname for the state of Maine if you come to Maine over the summer or some other time for vacation I recommend you go to Fun Town


Splash Town. If you want to have a great time with your kids and have fun, I would go too Fun Town Splash Town. They have plenty of rides,food, games and drinks. It doesn’t matter what the age of your kids are, They have rides for every age.



The reason I think Fun Town Splash Town is so fun is because of one of his rides is Dragons Decent. Dragons Decent is 16 stories high and you’re strapped to a seat. You go to the very top of the ride and you drop too the very bottom and go back up it is very fun and very scary at the same time. You probably will love it after you get past your nerves for it.



if you don’t want to go on the Dragons Decent there are other rides like the Mouse Ride that is fit for all ages. it doesn’t go to fast but it doesn’t go too slow. You can stay at Fun Town all day because they have food in there so you can buy lunch they have anything like pizza, dough boys, french fries, and any drink. They also have a big candy store inside the park.



So if you and your family come to Vacation Land Maine, I recommend that you come to Saco, Maine and go to Fun Town Splash Town. if you come in the Summer, you can see a Minor league team play baseball, the Portland Sea



Dogs. if you come in the Winter you can come see a D-League team, the Portland Red Claws. There the little brother of the Boston Celtics.