Owen Williams

Owen Williams

Grade 4

Newport Elementary School

Newport, ME

Miss Fogler



In fourth grade my gym teacher, Mr. King teaches us different games. My favorite subject in school is P.E.

One reason to like P.E. is we learn about my favorite sport, basketball. In basketball I like to dribble, shoot, and play defense. What Mr. King taught us to do is put arc on your shot so you give the ball a 50/50 chance of going in. Another thing is keep your head up while dribbling so you can get the ball to the open guy.

I like to learn more ways to stay healthy, too. Mr. King told me about suicides. A suicide is a cardio workout when you start on the baseline, touch the foul line, go back touch the baseline, go to half court touch the baseline, touch the other foul line, go back touch the baseline, run down back and you’re done. After that, I need a drink of water.

I like to learn about a sport I play so when I play the sport I know more. The sports I play that are in P.E. are hockey, basketball, and baseball.

That’s why I want you to like P.E. more than all the other subjects in the whole entire school!