Pierre Bouchard

Pierre Bouchard

Grade 8

William S. Cohen


Mrs. Spearing


Maine is a great place to live. I like Bangor because it is a big city. Bangor also has many stores and other places you can shop. Bangor has lots to offer. You can go to school and you can learn many things. You can also play sports and have fun with friends. Bangor has many parks where you can play and have fun. If you don’t want to go to the park then you can go to a public pool. Some other things that Bangor has to offer is the school. The schools will teach you many things and you will learn all of those things. Bangor is a great place to live because you have many places that you can shop at. There are over 100 stores that you can shop at and get low prices. People from 200 hundred miles away come to Bangor almost every weekend to get low prices. People love how cheap the gas is, and at one store it is at least .25cents lower, than at other gas stations. Some stores have discounts on stuff that you can’t get anywhere else. The stores in Bangor are very amazing and they have low prices every day.

Bangor also has places that you can join sports. If you join a sport then you’ll have so much fun. You can join: Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, and many other sports. If you join them then you can get better at them. You can also join Football. If you join football then you can go onto high school and you can play there too. Football and all the other sports that I named are fun. You can have so much fun if you want to in Bangor. You can also have very little fun if you want to.

Bangor has many parks that you can go and have fun at. You can play at the park or you can go have lunch at the park. You can also go a just relax at the park. The

park is a very beautiful places to go when you want to and when you don’t want to then you can go to the public pools. You can have fun in Bangor and thats why I like it here.

In Bangor you have many options like: Going shopping, or playing sports, or playing at the park. These are all things that you can do and have fun doing in Bangor when you come visit.