Rachel Barnes

Rachel Barnes
4th Grade
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Ms. Gagnon

Any Time Is Science Time

Have von been to Albert Einstein’s Iaboratory?Have you seen an eel worm? If you haven’t science will show the way to Albert Einstein’s lab. Science will show you the microscopic eel worm.
Why I’m writing about science is my favorite subject. People want to know why it’s my favorite subject it you want to know here are some reasons. Science makes me feel like areal scientist. I also get to see things that can’t he seen with your bare eye for example the eel worm. Last hut not least I have so much fun making food chain books and so much more.
I have loved science ever since I started school. I hope you see science in a different way. My teacher once said”If you love to do something don’t be shy to show it”.