Raylene Bridges

 Flanders Pond              Raylene 8r,~

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Are you looking for a place to take your family to have a great time? Well, I have the place for you! This place has sandy beaches, the water is like dropping ice cubes into a hot cup of coffee. Its a quite place but it is sure fun. Your probably wondering what the name of this great place is. Well, the name of this wonderful place is called Flanders pond. Ifs in Hancock.To convince you even more to come, I’ll give you a personal experience.


These are the kinds of activities we do when we spend time at Flanders. Every summer, my aunt takes me and my sister to her camp for three or four days. This when she comes up from Arizona. Ifs about a 20 minute ride from my house which is in Hancock. Usually when we get there ft’s dinner time, so we eat what ever my aunt plans. Which is always pizza from Charlie’s Pizza. Than we play with our cousins.Theirs Kyle who is my age and Alassya who is 7. The next day we of course wake up, which is around 11. Than at 12 we eat lunch. My aunt tells us kids to go outside for the rest of the day. Me, Katherine and my cousins swim for most of the


time. We wrestle in the water. Most of the time I win. After we get all wrinkly from

the water we go play base ball. Its a lot harder in the sand.When I get tired of playing base ball because i’m losing really bad, I build sand castles with my little cousin. Later in the day you around 5:00 we go takethe boat out since my grandfather is there. After the boat ride we don’t do much. We eat than we just talkabout sports, and watch t.v.



For your last few make the most of it! The night before we leave Flander’s Pond, we we get hundreds of sparklers and light them all up. The last day we go on the boat and into the middle of the pond. We jump off, we push each other of and


some times my uncle picks up a throws us off. Me and my older cousin have competitions of who can make the biggest wave. He usually wins. After that we go

tubing, which is my favorite thing to do. Than for dinner we go to a little restaurant that is down the road. They have really good food. Than we go home.



Raylene Bridges

Hancock Grammar School, Hancock, Mrs. Jaquie Leighton

Flanders Pond              Raylene

I hope that this helps you deiced where you would like to vacation. As you can see I have great memories there. It is a really great place and I love it there. If you come, you wont regret it,I promise.