Reagan Paul

Reagan Paul 7th grade


Bangor Christian Schools




Tiffany Dever




iPads, iPhones, laptops, cell phones, PS2’s, Wii, Xbox, and the GameCube. The average person uses these items on a daily basis. Why get so caught up in technology, especially if one lives in Maine? Maine offers many places to relax and enjoy nature, instead of mind-numbing video games. One place to go is Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park. It offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy with friends and family. The first thing a visitor could experience is the beautiful cobblestone floors at the entrance. Keep going, and the cobblestone will continue until it comes to the staircase that leads to the restaurant, more on that later.


Go to the left at the entrance, and walk into the gift shop. The gift shop offers food items including maple candy, maple syrup, mixes, blueberry sauce, jams, chocolate, and fudge. Visitors will get a cozy feeling when they walk in because of the wooden beams and wooden floors. At the register, visitors could buy a postcard to send to a friend about the wonders of Jordan Pond House.


If the visitors continued to the right at the entrance, they would find the Jordan Pond House restaurant. They serve inside and outside. Inside, they have numerous shiny wooden tables, on both the first and second floor. White walls with wooden panels finish the beauty of the interior.



Outside, comfortable, backed- picnic tables await hikers and tourists. If a climber or a hiker brought along a dog, they can be at the table also. The servers provide water dishes for the dogs that visit. For humans though, they will get a luxurious view of the mountains and Jordan Pond. The menu inside and out includes lemonades, water, soda, coffee, tea, sandwiches, salads, soups, and desserts. The thing that gives Jordan Pond House its name is the famous popover. A popover is like nothing else, a warm fluffy middle with a crispy outer covering. They serve this delicacy with butter and strawberry jam, the jam and popover mix is sold in the gift shop.


See, instead of joining the electronic crowd, step out, and enjoy the gifts nature gladly gives.