Rebecca M. Wood

Rebecca M. Wood


7th grade


Bangor Christian Schools




Tiffany Dever





When most people hear the term “Little City”, they would usually think that it would be a small, childish place. However, Little City Park in Bangor, Maine is rather relaxing. Even though itcan be loud sometimes, most days it is peaceful and calm. Many people go to Little City to relax by just sifting on a bench watching the wind softly blow the small, fresh-cut blades of grass. Many parents take their children to Little City, so they can play with the other kids their age.



Another great thing about Little City Park is the tennis courts. There are two full-sized tennis courts with nets and a back board to practice their skills. Some people do not really like to play tennis. That is okay. If they do not want to play tennis, they can bring their bikes or scooters to ride around on the free court there. However, if both courts are occupied, most likely they will have to wait their turn.



On most weekdays, Little City is very lonely. Although, when the school bus stops at


the end of the street, noise erupts by the kids that cannot wait to play. On weekends in the winter time, there are usually some kids there that are building snowmen and some


of the older boys and girls come to hang out and drink some hot cocoa.



The summers in Maine are very hot. Not many, if any, come to Little City Park.


Since the play structure is made of metal, it is usually very deserted due to the warm metal.However, the two tennis courts are almost always full and there are usually people sifting on the benches waiting their turn to play.


One of the other interesting things about Little City is the space. Many families come to watch their kids play on the structure while their dogs run in the field. Sometimes, the dog owners allow all of the kids and adults to play and run with their dogs.


Little City Park and Tennis Courts are an amazing part of a very nice neighborhood. All in all, Little City Park is a great place for kids, families, and dogs too!