Ryan Wilette

Ryan willette

Grade 4

Newport Elementary School

Newport, Maine

Miss Fogler


I think art is really fun to do. What do you think? I like to draw and be creative. When I get frustrated I draw a little. When we get to draw I draw funny things like monsters. Sometimes I like to draw with different colors

You can paint. I like to paint a lot because there is a lot of colors you can pick from.

I try to make people laugh when they are sad. I like to draw crazy stuff like rainbow monkeys or six armed cats. I mostly draw stuff like that.

I started liking art when was four years old. I really like art because I can be creative and it’s really fun to do. There are so many things you can draw with and so many colors. I can’t wait for the next art activity. I hope there’s a lot of stuff to draw with or paint with. Plus drawing and painting makes school fun.

If the school didn’t allow art then school wouldn’t be that fun. I wouldn’t survive if school didn’t have art. I did a collage and it was really fun. My favorite thing about art is it’s really fun to do and it’s really awesome.

Whoever invented art is awesome, too. Art makes the world go round. Art’s so old that cavemen probably invented it. That’s why my favorite subject in school is art.