Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson.

Grade 4

Asa Adams School


Mrs. Tuttle=~



You’ve asked:us to writeltireethihgs-abOut a subject, ~ith a subjeft like math that’s pretty hard. I mean; there’s lots of things to writh about like division, addition, subtraction, multiplicatIon-it’s pretty hard so I’mjust.goiiig to list the three that are most important to me.

Math: sentences aregreat~because~they~don!t just go out on a line, and say: Do 56—30 ? They do something like this IfLisaHad ~56 Crayons A~1 She Gave 30 Tci Nick How Many Does She Have

now? See how they make numbers cool?  . .                                                                                               – ..

The tricks iii math~arçeooLtooC. I~dOn!tmean like practical joke kind of trick. I mean like, say you were flying through ali~cftheseprob1ems-and-thc last one ii.. Is 58 million the same as 5,800,000.? See how sneal~’ that is? nd-thi&wha~your~sa~ying in yQur head: “Well, duh, that’s like the easiest probleni ever.” But ifyotijustloo1ç~at it for something like ten-seconds, you’ll understand how they do it

and then they can never sneak thçse by you again.                                 ‘                                                                                               –

Anàther thing r1ove~abouhiitrtfrisiiow everything links. Like 5’~3=l5 and 15/5=3. Ifs the same thing. with addition and’ subtraction and with decimals and fractions~

And I know math is not the most fun thing to do, but when yo~i grow up you’ll be using math everyday so remember: learn the basics in math and it will help you a ton when you grow up!



By. Samuel.R.Henderson