Samantha Condon

Samantha Condon

Southside School grade 4


Mrs. Carmichael





Don’t you love reading?

Imagine you’re sitting in a fat, comI~’ beanbag, and reading your favorite book. Wouldn’t that be great? I do that every reading class. I definitely love reading class!

In my free time I read about fantasy, realistic fiction, biography, auto­biography, and poetry. I like fantasy, because no matter where I am when I read fantasy I feel like I’m in the book. I like realistic fiction, because the problem in the book could, and might, happen to me. I like biographies because you could learn about people and how they lived. I sometimes compare how people lived years ago to how we live. Now my favorite genre is poetry. I love poetry because I really like to read and I think that poetry just makes reading more fun and more funny. You should try these genres you might like them, like I do!

When I read I like to read authors like Beverly Cleary, Jerry Spinelli, and don’t forget about Shel Silverstein. I love Beverly Cleary, because she writes one of my favorite genres. I like Jerry Spinelli, because I just finished his autobiography and it was AMAZING, I love Shel Silverstein, because I already love reading, and he just makes it a lot more fun and funny.

Reading can make you feel happy, sad, excited, bummed, or just plain old in to it. Another way of saying that is reading helps get you away from the rest of the world. I call it my window to the world.

Some great books I’ve read are Ramona and Beezus, by Beverly Cleary, and Knots in my Yoyo String, by Jerry Spinelli. Don’t forget about Crash by Jerry Spinelli. So you should read them their really, really good.

It is really fun in reading class, because I have an awesome but crazy teacher, Rachel Carmicheal. I really like her. She is interactive and always exciting. We usually have songs for spelling and social studies. Once she turned on one of the songs and danced around the room. (Told you she can be crazy sometimes.) My whole class still loves her though.

That is why I love sitting in a beanbag and conferencing with the best teacher ever! As you can see I really love reading.