Samantha Erin Golden

Samantha Erin Golden

Grade 4

Lee Winn Elementary


Mrs. Gifford



My Favorite Subject In School Is


Maine is amazing! Social Studies is my favorite subject in school! We have been learning all about Maine. You can learn so many things! I also love Social studies because you get to learn about your culture and the culture a long time ago.

Me and my class do this paper called Maine Studies Weekly. Maine Studies Weekly is a very interesting newspaper. I absolutely love Maine Studies Weekly because it tells you about colonial times, how people got around a long time ago, and different kinds of foods. It tells you about comhusking. Comhusking is a game young men and young women would play. If a young man was to husk a red ear of corn he was lucky indeed! He would get to kiss all of the young women. If a young women was to husk a red ear of corn she would be able to kiss her favorite young man.

And how people got around is pretty cool. You would either ride in a station wagon, or be pulled by horses in an actual wagon. Also the different kinds of foods. Now we are talking! Lots of our foods come from different states.

I also like Social Studies because it is a chance to know about things! I also learned in Maine Studies Weekly that Maine is the 13th state. That is a good thing to know right? Maine Studies Weekly always has this one little paragraph about an animal. It tells you what color it is, where it lives, how many years it usually lives, and how it lives in the wilderness.

I think Social Studies should be a favorite to all because it is very knowledgeable. When you know all those things about different foods, old games, and all of that, it will come in handy!