Samantha Leadbetter

By Samantha Leadbetter ©

Grade 4

Newport Elementary School

Newport, Maine

Miss Fogler



I found out I liked art when I was a little girL. I loved to draw nonstop and still do.. I know art is my favorite subject in school.

I know art is my favorite subject because I like to make weird things like once I tried to make a pop up card and the thing that popped up was a cat with HUGE eyes. I put too much glitter on it and let’s just say that kitty took a long trip to the dump..

I like to make people laugh and smile. It makes me happy to see sad people get happier when they get art. Once my mom was sick I made a card to make her smile.

Art can make someone sick feel a little better. It can also make you happy.

There are many beautiful paintings.. One of those paintings is the Mona Lisa.

I can even prove I like art the most. The way I can prove I like art the best is I have like six notebooks full of drawings. I know a little weird but I L-O-V-E art, it’s sweet! I take these notebooks out at snack, free time, and recess to draw.

Last, but not least, who doesn’t want a break from school work. It doesn’t hurt to take a break and I’m sure the teachers love getting a break from teaching, too, so they can use their creative side with us.

And that is why art is my favorite subject in school.