Samntha Wallace-Dejulio

Samantha Wallace-Dejulio 4th grade

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Ellsworth Maine


My Favorite School Subject




My favorite school subject is math because I love division,multiplication and subtraction. I love math because I love how Ms.Gagnon lets us have buddies to help us when we need help.


Math is a veiy awesome subject to me because it is really fun to me and most of the time it is easy and not very often it is hard.


I like a bunch of things in math but my most favorite part is division because it is really easy because I know a lot of trick for it even the trick Ms. Gagnon showed me and the and class and that made it easy, the trick is DMSB which stands for divide, multiply, subtract, bring down. Well I hope you like this subject in school, and I also hope you liked my story.