Sophie Moody

My Favorite Subject

By Sophie Moody

4th Grade Mrs.Duron

All Saints Catholic School

Bangor, ME.


I love math because I have a great teacher, I like math, and you learn a lot. My teacher is great because she helps us when we don’t understand. She is very gentle on us. She is excellent at explaining it. Then she will make funny voices when she is reading. Then she will get us excited for math. She also makes jokes and will make us laugh.


I like math because we play games and do fun math sheets. We have fun warm ups called power ups and we have examples to help us. Then we used real checks so we know how to write one. Plus its relaxing and calming. We have a great time in math class.


You learn a lot in math We learn how to multiply and divide. They teach us how to write a check so we don’t get cheated. They teach you to do long division problems. Then they teach us to count money so we don’t look like fools in the store trying to see how much you owe.