Tate Dolley

Life at Indian Lake

By: Tate Dolley

Rose M. Gaffney School

Grade 8

Mrs. Shaw


One of my favorite places in Maine is the environment of my own home. I live right on Indian Lake in Whiting. There are lakes everywhere, but some of the activities that take place on Indian Lake, are unforgettable. ~

Summer is my favorite time of the year at the lake. Only Mainers would attach two kayaks to an 8 horse power motor boat, and expect to stay in the kayaks. Canoeing is a popular activity. Indian Lake is big enough to spend a~fair amount of time having a peaceful canoe ride around the lake. Loons are very popular tourist attractions. We have plenty of ‘em! Although canoeing is popular, it’s not nearly as popular as swimming. At anytime of the day, you’ll hear echoes of kids, teens, and grown-ups all around the lake having a great time while swimming. Swimming is the most fun at night, in my opinion. While the air feels cooler, the water feels warm. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the night, have fun with friends, and on a clear night, see the reflection of the moon in the calm water. I /

Winter is my second favorite season at the lake. With the fresh snow fallen, the trees sparkle as they elegantly sway with the wind. Ice fishing is extremely popular. People from all over come to ice fish on Indian Lake. Ice fishing has many steps. First, you have to drill a hole in the with an auger. Next, take the ice fishing pole, and bait it with some kind ofjig, or worm. Then, put the bait about 3 feet off the bottom of the lake and jig the pole in a vertical manner. Finally, you just wait for ~bite, set the hook, and let the fun begin. My younger brother has had an experience where he has had one leg stuck in an ice fishing hole! That doesn’t seem too pleasant to me. Only on good years, where there isn’t much snow, but is very cold for the ice to freeze smoothly, is when you can ice skate. Ice skating is one of my favorite things to do, I always feel like I’m flying… Especially when I hit a bump and go soaringthe the air before I hit the ice. On one side of the lake ar~private roads, and on the other side is the

main road. When people leave their homes, many of them choose to drive across the ice for a short cut. -~ ~— If anyone does that, it’s gotta be a Mainer.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. The snow is melting, the ice is melting, mud is forming, -~-~—-—‘ and flowers are blooming. It’s a good time to go for a boat ride. It’s still cool enough to wear long pants, but you don’t need a jacket. You can kayak out to a little island in the middle of the lake, where it is peaceful, and yet still a stunning sight. My favorite part of spring is the maple syrup. Homemade maple syrup to be exact. There are so many maple trees around Indian Lake. First, you take taps and stick one or two in each tree (depending on the size of the tree). Next, you hook a cut jug, of some sort, to the tap. Then, just come back each day with a buck to pour sap from the jug to the bucket. Finally, boil the sap until it’s changed into the sticky, delicious maple syrup.

Autumn is gorgeous. The leaves are falling, and turning different shades of red, orange, and brown. All around the lake, there are sights that change everyday. Pictures are taken beautifully of Indian Lake. The air is cooling, and so is the water.

Indian Lake is a beautiful tourist destination. There are camps to be rented, water to swim in, ice to skate on, andsights to be seen. You too, can enjoy this incredible place.