Tessa Roshto

Tessa Roshto


Grade 7


Houlton Jr. High School


Houlton, Maine 04730

Mrs. Peabody



Bar Harbor, Maine–A Vacation land

Do you want to go on the perfect vacation away from stress, work, and just relax? Then ~Bär Harbor, Maine, is the place for yOu! Bar Harbor


offers many fun things to do, making it the perfect place to spend your

vacation, and it serves~up some amazing lobster and other seafood!


Thinking of sOrnething~ to do won’t be a problem! From going on whale watching crui~to climbing Mount Cadillac, there are so many options to chose from. Your:only problem will be choosing what to do first! The list of what you could possibly do could go on forever. Take a bus or trolley tour to help find the best places for hiking, and paddling your canoe or kayak. Don’t have your own canoe or kayak? Not a problem! Rent one at National Park Canoe & Kayak Rental. Maybe you’ll decide that you’d like to set sail on a boat for a nature ~cruise, or in search of whales, seals, and

seab i rd s.


You’ll possibly fall in love with taking out your bike and following the 55 miles of trails that weave around all of Bar Harbor beside lakes, the ocean, and mountains.


How about the beach? There are many to choose from, like Sandy Beach; see gorgeous views of mountains and nature. Taking in all the fresh ocean smells, the sand between your toes, wind blowing your hair lightly, being able to forget everything and just relax! Don’t forget to visit some of



the many lighthouses found near Bar Harbor, beautiful, beside the Atlantic Ocean.


Feeling even more adventurous? You could take a tour of Bar Harbor from the sky, if you’re up for it! Go on a scenic plane ride with professional tour guides from Acadia Air Tours, and Scenic Flights~ Of Acadia You could also hike up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, where you can get amazing views from way up high that’ll blow your mind!


Possibly you’ll want to have just absolute peace and relaxation with no disruptions. Then you could go for a day at The Spa At The Bar Harbor CIub It include massages, wraps, facials and nails.


Of course if you’re planning to come in~ the winter, remember that

there is excellent cross-country skiing, perfect for snowmobiling, and the


trails under their coating of white take on a whole new aspect.


So, do as much or as little as you want. Anything that you end up


doing, you’ll most likely want to do it over, and over, and over!





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