Torri Bray

Beautiful Maine

Torn Bray

7th Grade

Ms. Mattila

Ellsworth Middle School

Ellsworth, Maine


Maine is beautiful in so many ways it is hard to explain it in words. There are many beautiful parks, lakes,and towns to visit and see. But, if I had to choose one of those many places, I would choose Mount Desert Island, Maine.


I chose Mount Desert Island as my favorite place in Maine because of the scenery, from the tops of its mountains, such as Cadillac Mountain, to the bottom of its lakes, like Echo Lake and Sand Beach. I have gone to Echo Lake several times and it is by far my favorite place to go swimming. The sand is soft, there are changing rooms and bathrooms, and the water is a perfect temperature to swim in during the summer.


Another great thing about Mount Desert Island is that there are over 150 cruise ships that come through in the summer. The tourists come to see Acadia National Park, which teaches how to help and protect the environment and our wildlife. In Acadia you can look at the plants and animals by hiking and/or biking through the paths.


Mount Desert Island has one of the world’s top research facilities called the Jackson Laboratory where they find the cures for fighting cancer and other diseases. The people at Jackson Lab are eco-friendly and use only what they breed, such as mice, for testing the treatments they find.


I know some people still wouldn’t think that Mount Desert Island as their favorite place in Maine and one of their reasons could be the traffic. In the summer time there is a lot of traffic on Mount Desert Island because of the increase of tourists walking around and so many stores and restaurants that there isn’t very much space for the people who live or work there to park their cars.


If you ever get chance to drive into Mount Desert Island, I highly recommend going. You won’t be disappointed in the beautiful, priceless, and breathtaking scenery it has in store for you.