Tristen Blake

Tristen blake

Southside school Grade 4

Houlton Me


Mrs. Carmichael




Imagine that you’re playing a sport any kind of sport and you’re one point away from the championship game So you get the ball, you stop, then you shoot, Your sweating so much you could fill a cup, but you still can’t stop sweating because all of the kid’s eyes are locked on you. YOU SCORE! All of the kids are cheering your name.

That all starts when you’re in gym playing basketball. You might want to play dodge ball because it’s really fun if you are a good sport. After class you might have a red face and probably feel like yoi~i’re about to pass out, trust me, after playing kickball, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, soccer, or hockey you will.

The other thing that I like about gym is that I like how we do not have to stay in, and we do not get any homework. That is why gym is my favorite subject in school,