Willow Sylvester

Willow Sylvester

Grade 7

Houlton Jr. High School

Houlton, ME 04730

Mrs. Peabody




Rockland, Maine

Rockland, Maine is the whole package. With everything from waking


up and immediately walking out onto the beach, to swimming and eating fresh lobster in the day, and finally to falling asleep to the sound of the


waves. Rockland started as a small city but has slowly has risen to the top.


I chose it for my editorial because I grew up there, from birth to age seven.


And I made some wonderful memories there. As much as we can, my family and I go down to visit, and every time, we run into old friends, go into little family run cafes that have made their way to the top. Such as the coffee shop that started out as a tiny room with scones and books, and that is now a hugely successful brewing company and a beloved coffee shop


and kick-butt library for the whole town. Rockland attracts many tourists with its down-town area and its location on the coast. It has many restaurants with fresh fish, meat, and vegetables. One of my favorite



memories is a little pizza place that my sister and I would go to with fresh


pizza, and a brick oven, and the owner would let us go back and hold us up while we sprayed the oil into the oven. People in Rockland are very friendly and welcoming. Although some people say that Rockland is too expensive, that’s just the risk you’re going to have to take. Me, being a seventh grader, think it’s worth it to have endless days of fun, running around bare foot in the park, running along the train tracks, wading knee deep into the water, and watching ships come in and go out. With fresh pizza, ice cream, and


lobster rolls in between. Everywhere you look there is a new attraction. A toy shop with one of every toy open and on display for kids to play with. A stand offering fresh food in the park overlooking the ocean. It is a great place for kids-running around, climbing rocks, swimming, eating out-and


grownups-shopping, restaurants, yoga classes- alike. In the fall it has wonderful hiking trails, in the winter, grandiose sledding hills, in the summer, a mountain filled with blueberries for picking, and in the spring, a perfect downtown area to walk with galoshes, a raincoat, and an umbrella with friends and family. Not to mention its yearly lobster festival in the summer. During this event, people are brought together in a street loaded



with tents, a parade with floats, games and activities, and all focused around lobsters. It happens on August 1 st, and can last 3-4 days. I have many fond memories of Rockland and I love to go there. I’m sure you will too.