Zach Sides

Zach Sides


Hicbbom Middle School


Mrs. Jipson


Maine, the Vacationland.


Maine is a beautiful state, the perfect place to plan a vacation. From the spariding snow in the winter, to the rocky-beached tourist destination in the summer. Maine is the place to be in the winter if you’re a snow lover, but our moderate summer temperature makes this state a true beauty. One place in particular is my friend’s camp.


Camp is the perfect place to go kayaking or canoeing in the summer. You may find a lumbering moose upon the grassy island, or maybe a turtle could be lurking about in the crystal clear water. Fishing is always an option in a boat, or on the docks. Most of what you’ll catch are little sunfish on the docks. The eels loiter around at night, out to explore. The wolves lounge around at night. Sometimes, you are able to hear their majestic howls toward to moon. There is a swamp too, for frog catching. It was my favorite thing to do there as a kid. Waiting by the murky water for a frog to come about, and snatching it from its den, like a prize. Swimming in the lake is one of the best parts of camp! Who knows, you may even see a few fish on your swim! They even have a tire swing at the camp! How could you not come? The summer at camp is fun, but I love the winter! You are able to go ice fishing! You can go snowmobiling through the ice infested terrain. There’s even sight seeing to do with the colorful leaves of the fall, or maybe go four-wheeling.


This camp is fun, but I love the gorgeous sights there! From the muddy swamp water, to the rocks bordering the lake. Every sight has their own unique feature that makes it special. My favorite place to go would be the island. Whether I’m alone, or with a friend, its nice to just be there, and observe the peace. At the island, its just me, my thoughts, and the animals that inhabit it. Even staring at the lake in the sunset, seeing the mixture of radiant colors reflecting on the peaceful, calm water, it seems therapeutic to me. The peace is something I love. Most people don’t expect it, because of my



excessive talking habits, but I love quiet, and Maine has that peace that I indulge in. I couldn’t think ofanywhere else I’d love to live rather than right here. When I’m in Maine, it almost feels like a vacation I’ve been on all my life.


Maine has much more to it then a camp, that’s why its called vacationland, but that camp is my place for peace. After I’m there, I don’t want life to resume anywhere else. Maine may not be the supposed ‘ii~opical paradise’ that some people may love, but to me, nothing, not even a tropical paradise, compares to Maine. Maine is my paradise.