Abigail Carson

Abigail Carson
6th Grade
Hichborn Middle School
Mrs. Jipson
Summer. Heat. Swimming. Fresh air. But most of all   NO SCHOOL!!! Some people like school (teachers) but I’m more of the vacation type. It means freedom. Not having all that homework. Not having to get up in the morning. No report cards. Just plain freedom.
Some places have heat all year long. But when you live in Maine, every little bit of heat is like a piece of heaven. You have to use it as much as you can before winter hits. So that’s why you’ve got to do all those sports that you can’t do in the winter. Like softball or baseball. It might be boring at first when you play outfield, and all the balls go to the person next to you. But when you get infield, every second counts. It’s get the ball and go. One wrong move, and you could be sitting on the sidelines during the championships.
Now you’re probably wondering, “Ya, summer’s great and all, but there are no good holidays like Halloween or Christmas or even Valentine’s Day.”But remember, there’s the 4th of July. Fireworks. Sparklers. Those silly parades your parents make go in so you don’t get any of the candy they hand out. Ya, that’s it.
Sure, all of the other seasons are great but I have to say that none of them appeal to me as much as summer.