Alex Renshaw


Alex Renshaw

Grade 7

Rose M. Gaffney School

Mrs. Shaw



My Maine Vacationland is when I go to The Swamp behind my house. The Swamp is really big but we are only allowed on the small fraction that we owned (we never do stay on our side thought). The other sections of the land are owned by The Woods and the Atkinsons. The first time I ever went to The Swamp was when I first moved in to my new house in Marshfield about 7 years ago.When I first peered down into the swamp it was like a 6 foot wall of thick tall grass. I was really young so I took a pair of black scissors down to The Swamp and kept cutting for about an hour. The first thing I saw when my sister and I got down there was a HUGE rock that we call “The Big Rock”. The Swamp isn’t really a swamp, my sister just gave it that nickname and we kept it.

One day in the swamp when my cousin Jacob McBrine was at my house we started to dig for old bones. We never thought we would ever find anything but we dug anyways. At first we only found horse teeth but then we saw a handle in the ground. It turns out that it wasn’t a handle, it was a horses jaw bone. We were going to take shifts keeping the bone but on his first shift a coyote ate it.

On a Tuesday about 3 years ago Mrs. Atkinson wanted to take a peek in The Swamp. On the way down she picked up something that caught her eye. It was a skull. She gave it to me quickly so she wouldn’t get germs. I did some research with a friend from karate, Logan Hanscom, and we found out it was a Fisher skull. The fisher is a medium-size mammal native to North America that kind of looks like a ferret. I keep that skull in my room and still find other Fisher bones including its Pelvis.

Me and my sister always used to go down to the swamp and explore. On Easter a while ago I pushed my sister in to the stream in the middle of The Swamp and she got really mad. She said she would tell my parents unless I jumped in and walked around. I did that and the water was freezing. My parents eventually found out about what I did and I still did get punished. After that I had to change my clothes and apologize.

I personally think the swamp is a nice place to hang out and think, but others think it is just a dump. They think it is a dump because when the house was built 50 years ago, there was a farm so they would throw their dump and carcasses down in The Swamp. Once when I was looking at a gross beat­up lawn mower that was thrown down there, I saw something under it. I picked it up and I think it was a shoulder bone. I still don’t know what or who it belongs to but I have always wanted to find out.

One day while I was at a basketball game, Alex Finley asked to come over. When we got there the first thing we did was go to The Swamp. We decided to adventure far into the woods. We came out of the woods at Hansom’s Construction about 1 mile down the street. We decided to hurry away because earlier that year he had a 4-wheeler stolen from him. We found our way back to Mrs. Atkinsons house and talked with her for a while. We soon took off to try to find my house again, but we got lost again. We decided to head for the road because I know my way back from there. WeJinallyfound our way back to the house and were glad we didn’t see any wild animals. So remember to leave a trail of bread crumbs next time you go to The Swamp.