Ava Dray










My favorite Place in Maine is Bog Lake. My grandma has a camp there, and I love being there all summer! Her camp a small cottage with electricity. It has three small bedrooms, and a bathroom. The kitchen is pretty big. It is an open room that is part of the living room too. We spend most of our time outside. Swimming and kayaking with my friends and my cousins is what I love to do. We cook supper on the grill every night, and make a fire that we all sit by. Most of the time, the neighbors come over. Its like a party all the time. There is never a dull moment. At night all my cousins and I retreat to the comfort and bug-free zones of our tents. While trying to fall asleep, we drift off to the sounds of the night. You can always hear the loons and the peepers. Peepers are frogs. Sometimes you can even hear the coyotes.

In the morning, or by the time I wake up, my tent is hot from the sun beating on it. The sun shines brightly through the walls, and when I open the tent door to step out, I can smell the freshness of the pine trees. I hear the waves lapping on the shore of the lake. Dad, Todd, and Papa Polley are coming in off of the party boat from fishing by then. They usually catch something. The fish really stink. They smell dead.

I usually miss breakfast with everyone, so I go inside and grab some leftover scrambled eggs, bacon, and home fries. After I have a little something to eat, we all decide to get in our bathing suits, and take the party boat out to go swimming. By this time, noon usually, the lake is starting to warm up. The wind is calming down, and the lake is staring to come alive with other boats and swimmers. Once we are out there we find the perfect place to turn the engine off and start jumping overboard.The cold refreshing water feels good against the warm wind. We usually go over around the island to swim. The wind starts to feel cold once we are dripping wet, though. Evan, Danny, and Dom always jump off the front of the boat. But Pay-Pay, my cousin, Cody, her boyfriend, andIjump off the back by the motor. Sometimes Danny and Dom jump off the back with us.

The first time I was going to jump off the back I was a little scared because I was young. I was just standing there waiting for the right time to jump. Pay-Pay was impatient and yelled,” HOLD YOUR



Then she gave me a big push. I went flying over the edge, head first. The water came quickly. I forgot to plug my nose, but that wasn’t the problem. The water got in my mouth. It tasted like dirty fish. I coughed and choked, and spit out what I didn’t swallow. I was so mad! But I got over it really fast, and was ready to do it again. That was one way to get over my fears. Don’t you think!?

So then we start to head in when the wind picks up to get some lunch. Once we dock I help Papa skin the fish they caught in the morning. I can remember the first time I learned how to do this. The poor fish just really wanted to live that after we skinned both sides of it it was still flopping. My Aunt Dauna just kept telling the fish to give up and die. Witch was good advice in that situation and the fish should have listened.

As my brother and I start to gather wood to keep the fire going all night we see who can get the most and the biggest; I usually lose because Amald, my grandpas Saint Bernard ,knocks me over grabs the sticks and twigs and runs off with them.